Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hiking at West Point.

I went hiking at west point with Amber, Lindsey, Ethan, Liam and our good friend Micah. West point is a high point up past Amboy and Chiltatchee prairie. We went in his truck up a dirt road for 45 minutes and reached a part of the road big enough to park in. Then the climb began. Micah hiked with his 22 shotgun because they had met cougars up there before. There was no trail so you just start hiking up a miniature mountain. :) It was mostly rock, shale and dirt with small bushes and some trees at the bottom and a couple dotted around all the way up. So you constantly were slipping because shale is just slate on top of dirt. Interestingly enough, there was even a couple patches of snow that were a foot deep! It took us about and hour to hike up and by then I was really hot tired and sunburned. But it was totally worth it, the view was amazing!! You could see Mount Saint Helens, Rainer, Adams, Hood, Lake Merwin and lots more! :D We even saw a black bear cross the road when we were driving. All in all it was a wonderful adventure and I think we might be going again this week. It was probably the best day of my life. :D

Here are some pictures but they don't do it justice.


  1. Hi Emma!

    The stuff is underlined because it's being linked to the photo when you click on it. I'm not sure how Blogger works, but if you highlight the text and find a way to remove the link to the photo, then it should un-underline it.

    Did you have fun shooting? You kids are adorable. Miss you all and stay sweet.


  2. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!that was epic! I had sooo much fun!!:)