Monday, February 28, 2011


I went to Ethan's viola lesson today as usual on my way to my YSE rehearsal( I have a concert Saturday!!) and in between ethans lesson and orchestra Ethan and went into Fred Myer to buy some of their warm bread to eat as a snack. well... the bread turned out to be cold and Ethan and i surprised mom who just thought we were getting yogurt and bread by getting chocolate and Parmesan gold fish.:)On the way out of the store, Ethan had to jump into a huge puddle(surprise!) and get me soaking wet. so... I had to go to YSE soaking wet. haha. we got a good laugh out of it though! :D And after the rehearsal wa done we were getting ready to go upstairs to theory when mom surprised me by saying we had two inches of snow and had to get home right away!!!!! My joy was uncontainable. I love snow!!! So dad met us on the back roads and on the third try we got up our slippery hill!! And no I did not scream as we slid backwards.And the lights are flickering so I better go!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Earlier this week a lady from FCHM, which is our co-op, emailed the first class chat group and asked if anybody knew of a christian highschooler who could give her daughter Abigail violin lessons. Mom and I emailed her back right away and said I would love to!! After that we emailed back and forth a couple times and tonight we called her and set up a date! I am going to teach Abigail this Tuesday at 3:30. :) I am going to give her a couple trial lessons to see if we would be a good fit and let her borrow some of my music books so she doesn't have to buy anything until we are sure. I am really excited and thankful that God has given me a job besides housecleaning, which I did for a while. She also said she was going to pass my name on to a couple of her friends who are looking for a teacher also. Praise Jesus!! Have a wonderful night!! :)


#1 random fact of the day: planes take off into the wind. until today i had no idea. never had really thought about it would think an airplane would take off with the wind. or at least i would. ;)